Pathwright 101

Learn all about building, teaching, and selling online courses with Pathwright in 15 minutes or less.

  • Self Paced Class

    After starting this class, you'll receive:

    • A 10-15 minute overview of how to use Pathwright to offer your own online courses
    • Direct access to the Pathwright team with any questions

About this course

If you're an educator interested in teaching online, this course will give you a quick overview of how to build and teach online courses to anyone, anywhere using Pathwright.

Course Path Overview

  • Introductions

    • Getting Started

      • read Welcome to Pathwright 101
      • to-do Say hello
  • Using Pathwright

    • Lesson 1: Build a great online course

      • watch Map out your course
      • watch Add content to your course
      • read Five tips for designing a great course
    • Lesson 2: Teach anyone, anywhere

      • watch Publishing your course
      • watch Teaching a class
      • read Five tips for keeping students motivated
    • Lesson 3: Profit from teaching what you love

      • to-do Setup a account
      • watch Selling your courses in Pathwright
      • read Three tips for selling more courses
  • Before You Start Teaching

    • A few more things…

      • read What’s next
      • to-do Create your first course
      • to-do Stay in touch
      • read How to get help